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    Spirit  of  Jezebel   -   Pt. II

    Witchcraft    Rebellion    Manipulation    Control    Power


    Continued from Spirit of Jezebel  -  Pt. I


    The Children,  Jezebel's Offspring:

       When children are reared in an atmosphere of fear, insecurity, and frustration, families are sapped of strength.   These are the by-products of the emasculation of men in the social, spiritual, and even the physical realms.

       The pattern of rebellion of the mother against the authority of the father in the home strongly influences the children, to become rebels.   Continuous complaining and pointing out every weakness of the husband undermines the children's respect for him.   This in turn becomes a source of deep-rooted conflict and upset to the children.

       Often a woman will complain about her husband with such finesse that it does not seem to be that.   For example, she may sweetly remark,  "Well, I've been wanting this done for months, but your Dad is so busy that he doesn't have the time to fix it."   This thinly veiled criticism is interpreted by the children that he does not care about the needs of his family, especially long suffering Mama.   The wife adopts a 'sweet' martyr attitude in order to draw attention to herself as the injured party.

       Just as Ahab permitted Jezebel to sacrifice children as a form of worship, so our permissive  (tolerant) spirit allows the Jezebel spirit to remain the driving force behind abortion in the United States.

       It is the Fathers responsibility to train, correct, and discipline the children.   No woman can fulfill the father's role.   Discipline of the children is an area where the Jezebel influence is often noticeable.  Bible instructions direct parents to take the rod of correction and drive foolishness far from the heart of the child.   The Feminist and New Age Movement teaching of 'not whipping' the child is a lie from the pit of hell and only serves to teach rebellion in the home.

       The woman in rebellion will produce rebellious children, no matter how sincerely she may rationalize her position.   This is one of the chief reasons for this generation of 'rebels' in America, filled with lawlessness and anarchy.

       Our witchcraft influenced society urges instead that children be bribed, manipulated, and tricked into obedience.   "If you love me, you would not do such and such . . " is a common approach.   Used repeatedly on a child, he is put under constant pressure to prove his love.   This victim is never sure if his love is believed and accepted.   This kind of badgering can produce spiritual and physical problems and can open the door to a spirit which makes it difficult or impossible to give and receive love.

       Strong emotions are another form of Jezebellic discipline.   Threatened with storms of weeping, recrimination, or great fits of anger, a family can be forced under a control spirit.   The demons of fear, failure, and rejection, plague them and they learn that to obey every whim is better than to suffer constant outburst.

       Children in a 'Babylonian' family (Ahab / Jezebel) take on the same characteristics as those of their parents, only sometimes worse.

       Girls: . . become man-haters, aggressive, and disrespectful . . tend to be interested in witchcraft as a means of gaining control over people and obtaining power . . apt to be involved in sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, drugs, and crime.

       If girls were more carefully taught about the divine order of the home and how vital it is that a man be a man of God over his family, they would choose much more carefully in the matter of a mate.   Bad and hasty choices in this area have left many women with long and bitter experiences that last for years and, except for the intervention of God, they are never changed.

       Boys: . . become soft, self-centered, lazy, and momma's boys . . learn early to use women to get what they want . . feel rejected and become cry-babies . . apt to be involved in sexual promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, drugs and crime.

       The 'Babylonian' family (Ahab / Jezebel) is responsible for much of the homosexuality that plagues our nation.   Overbearing Jezebel-type women tend to emotionally and spiritually emasculate (castrate) their husbands and sons.   Note who was with Queen Jezebel at the end.

       Jehu looked up and saw her (Jezebel) at the window and shouted, "Who is on my side?"   And two or three eunuchs looked out at him.       II Kings 9:2

       There are respectable men who love God and seek to serve Him, yet secretly in their hearts they are prisoners of their bondage to pornography; and they can barely control their desires for women.   Ask them to pray and their spirits are awash with guilt and shame.   Their prayers are but the whimpers of Jezebel's eunuchs.


    Church, Jezebels attack:

       No, is the operative word for Jezebel.   When those in spiritual authority say 'no' to her, she is ready for war.   Remember, Jezebel is a warring spirit who is always dressed for battle.   Have you ever felt insecure?   Jezebel loves to flow in the realm of insecurity.   She will continually challenge God's Word in your life.   Jezebel can carry and flow well in an atmosphere of fear, insecurity, frustration, and confusion.

       Jezebel is very possessive and dominating; she wants control of you.   Jezebel loves power, 'give me, give me, give me'.   You see, money is not really the issue with this spirit, it's power and authority that she is after.   She likes to be in control of your life because she draws her strength from controlling you.   That's why you feel spiritually drained after contending with her.  

       She'll let you have church as long as she can control it.   She wants to control what songs you sing (she will never allow songs about the 'Blood of Jesus'),   how loudly you pray, what you preach, whom you fellowship with, that's what she likes . . controlling power.   Jezebel is a master manipulator, no one is better at it.

       Prayer leaders, church secretaries, teachers, sound system workers, worship leaders, pastors and their wives, you are all especially targeted by this spirit.   All of you serving in these roles should be instructed and warned about the warfare that may come against you.   Each of you should be part of a church 'warfare team' that is trained to war against Jezebel.

       Jezebel's witchcraft will attack key leaders in her targeted area through intimidation.   Those under attack may awaken one morning to find it takes effort just to breathe.   All joy seems to depart.   Spiritual life seems irrelevant.   Demonic voices will echo in our minds "something's wrong with you!"   We may suddenly find ourselves in unreasonable anxiety, fearing tragedy or death.   Much of what is called 'depression' in the ministry is simply Jezebel.

       Jezebel's ultimate hatred is against God Himself.   She hates the grace God lavishes upon His bond servants, even after they sin.   She hates the fact God will take the weakest and lowliest and use them to bring her down.   She hates the holiness and purity of heart that comes from God and surrounds those who serve in His courts.

       Jezebel is brazen, vicious toward righteousness, and is full of systems of witchcraft and words of deceit.   When you war against the principality of Jezebel, even though you stand against her lust and witchcraft's, you must guard against the power-demons of fear and discouragement, for these she will send against you to distract you from your warfare and your victory!

       A Jezebel spirit defiles everything she touches.   She is a driving force operating through female dominance which has turned the churches into powerless groups filled with discord, slander, and corruption.   That which is holy becomes vile.   People will begin to leave a church, not knowing why;   simply feeling compelled to go as if they could feel the impending darkness.

       Whole churches are under the domination and control of a few powerful families and/or persons.   They attempt to control and dictate every move pastors and other spiritual leaders make.   This form of pressure leads to resignations by thousands of discouraged pastors each year.   Instead of honoring and obeying their shepherds (Hebrews 13:17) the flock becomes a grief to him.   The more spiritually minded a church grows, the more dangerous is the operation of the Jezebel spirits.

       There are good women who come to church seeking God, but find themselves fantasizing about the men in the assembly; lamenting that their husbands are not as 'spiritual' as other husbands.

       Jezebel's worst fear is that the people will embrace repentance.   Jezebel hates repentance.   Though this spirit will infiltrate the church, masking its desire for control with true Christian doctrines, it will hide from true repentance.

       Jezebel hates humility.   Jesus taught that greatness in the kingdom was measured in childlike honesty of heart, not in what we appear to be to others.   A true ministry is willing and eager to be submitted and accountable to other ministries.   It is typical of those who are servant-minded.   Therefore, we must learn that spirituality is measured in meekness, not power.

       Jezebel hates prayer.   Intercessory prayer pries her fingers off the hearts and souls of men.   It sets people free in the spirit.   When you pray, it binds her.   When you pray against immorality, it cripples her.   When you pray for a submissive heart, it is like the trampling of Jehu's horse upon her body.

       Jezebel hates the prophets, for the prophets speak out against her.   The prophets are her worst enemies.   When she wars, it is to stir people against the message of the prophetic church.   More than she hates the prophets, she hates the Word they speak.   Her real enemy is the spoken Word of God.

       In Revelation 2:18-29, the false prophetess of Thyatira is labeled as Jezebel.   In Thyatira, Jezebel was judged because her thoughts, feelings, and purposes are declared wrong in the sight of God (Revelation 2:20-23).   She is characterized by her attempts to control those around her through false teachings and the use of occult power.   Jezebel parades her schemes under the cover of religion and 'good' motives.   Christian men and women today are often deceived and driven by the religious pretensions of these demonic spirits.   Just as Satan sought worship for himself, Jezebel works to become the center of worship and attention, and demands obedience to her every command.   Knowingly or unknowingly, sorcery is always used to bring worship and adoration to the sorcerer.

       Since certain female ministries are more involved that others, it follows that they would be targets for the spirits of Jezebel.   Church leaders should take heed.   This spirit will maneuver itself into leadership positions.   Remember, Jesus said of Jezebel, " . . (she) calls herself a prophetess" (Revelation 2:20).   A woman can most certainly function prophetically; she can be anointed by God to serve in delegated authority as a prophetess.   But when she insists upon recognition, when she manipulates or entirely disregards the male leadership in the church, when she "calls herself a prophetess", beware.

       The spirit of Jezebel views personal prophecy as a tool to control.   Do you know that some personal prophecy, in the church today, is nothing more than Jezebel's controlling spiritual utterances.   Just because the delivery has a spiritual sound or a spiritual punch with it, doesn't mean it should not be judged, examined thoroughly, and submitted to your pastor (I John 4:1,  Hebrews 13:17).   In the wake of every Jezebel spirit is a life of chaos, confusion, instability, broken relationships, and destruction.

       Often persons with the Jezebel spirits will deceive persons seeking God's will by use of soulish prophecy.   One tactic is to keep seeking souls in spiritual suspense by use of counterfeit spiritual gifts, enchanting people to stay with them and their causes.   They promote the idea that they are the 'spiritual' ones.   God's Word declares that one who speaks from himself seeks his own glory and/or worship (John16:13-14).   Unfortunately, much that passes for 'word of knowledge' and 'word of wisdom' could just as well be called charismatic fortune telling!

       Through self-promoting, controlling, and manipulative schemes, this spirit also seeks to abort those who are young or immature in the Lord.   Moreover, this spirit welcomes false teachers who are driven by the intellectual power of the soul.

       Jezebel seeks the highly refined qualities of the professional musician, especially when such a man has both the ambition and the opportunity to become a worship leader or director.

       Some pastors embrace an individual influenced by a Jezebel spirit because that person appears to have leadership skills or spiritual insight that the pastor thinks will help their church grow.   Some may even convince themselves that, in time, they will be able to spiritually 'mature' the individual.   But in the process of helping this individual, many pastors strike a compromise and weaken their authority.   Remember, Ahab's placating spirit is exactly what gave rise to Jezebel's lethal power base.

       Many pastors remain complacent and not confrontational out of fear that an individual would split their church.   One pastor was very aware that his chief intercessor operated with a Jezebel spirit.   However, he was afraid to address the situation simply because she was intimidating and had influence over others.   He thought if he lost anymore church members he would default on his church loan payment.   Unfortunately, this situation characterizes many pastors today.   Prayer and encouragement are needed for pastors who are caught in this deadly snare.

       Pastors also cannot over react, eliminating intercessory and prophetic groups, this will only serve to silence their most reliable sources of discernment and revelation.   When this happens it creates a spiritual vacuum.   As in a game of chess, if you leave a space unoccupied, your opponent may soon seize that ground.   Such a maneuver may allow the enemy to position his own deadly prophets in key places.

       It takes a courageous pastor to confront the strength and obstinacy of a Jezebel spirit.   By their actions, individuals with a Jezebel spirit will reveal a pastors strength and weaknesses.   Pastors will see things about themselves that they might rather ignore.   They may react defensively when their authority is challenged.   For instance, to quell a revolt, a pastor may respond by appeasing or promoting this spirit.   Or, in fear, a pastor may suppress all prophetic gifts in a church.   Or, the pastor may selfishly even use this person to promote his or her agenda.   Any of these responses will damage the spiritual life of a church.

       If left unchecked, this pastor will leave the church open to domination and control by this demonic spirit.   The church will sink beneath an increasing weight of spiritual oppression, crushing healthy spiritual vitality and vision.

       It will also seek to surface in the life of the Pastor himself, in which case he will become very authoritarian and unyielding in his control of the church.   Such a pastor will invariably be isolated from fellowship and accountability with other pastors.   The man will find himself lured into maintaining flirtations and sensual relationships, 'special intimacies' with one or more women in the church.   In time, he will most likely succumb to adultery.

       Pastors who retreat from exercising their authority may bring injury upon God's people by inadvertently allowing the increased rule of this spirit in the church.   As long as the issue is avoided, the problem will only worsen.   When it is finally challenged, A Jezebel spirit that has become entrenched in a church is more difficult to dislodge.

       If a pastor plays ignorant of Jezebel's wrong doings, he may become a kindred spirit.   Knowingly or unknowingly, the pastor will align himself with this spirit.   Their methods and goals will begin to match one another.   A pastor will also discover that he can accomplish their goals by exploiting his mirror image, becoming a conspirator with darkness.

       One or two judgments will come to such pastors, unless they recognize that they are in error and repent.   They will either fully embrace a Jezebel spirit and become a puppet subject to delusion, heavy depression, and indecision even in the smallest matters, or, they and their churches will face spiritual famine.   God's manifest presence will be removed from their midst.   Only memory of His presence will remain.   Likely, they will not perceive this as God's judgment.

       When a pastor has a friend that begins to show traits of a Jezebel spirit, it is easy for him to justify the persons rebellion or to simply ignore it.   Generally, pastors demonstrate tolerance toward those who are 'friends'.   However, the trust and loyalty given to a friend will create a blind spot.   A pastor, therefore, will need to step outside of friendship emotionally, view the situation as a pastoral issue, and correct any rebellion.

       Ultimately, if a pastor brings correction, people will feel secure under the pastor's leadership and develop trust in God's authority.   However, if a pastor fails to correct rebellion, people will loose respect and trust for the pastor.   People will regard the pastor with disdain because of the consequences brought on the church by his inaction.   Confusion will arise and God's purpose will become obscured by a waffling leadership.   Furthermore, a pastor who compromises will attract people who compromise.   The pastor's anointing will be reduced to a mere drop of what it was meant to be.   In the churches of such pastors, the light will grow dim and the Body begins to lose its spiritual cutting edge.

       Often businesses are invaded by the Jezebel spirits.   As in the home and church, Jezebel wants absolute control over everybody and everything in the work place.   It was inevitable that this happen in a society so structured and controlled by this evil influence.   Routinely many companies utilize handwriting analysis and astrology in conjunction with hiring workers.   Preplanned sales presentations often utilizes ESP and Mental Telepathy to anticipate and program customer reaction.   God's Word says the Great Whore system of the end times will be run by merchants who will deceive the nations by their sorcery (Revelation 18:23).   As we move deeper into an intensely computerized society, it is not hard to see that we are moving closer to this period.

       Another characteristic of persons under a Jezebel spirit is an inability to designate authority.   Rather than allow persons under them to work, they will constantly interfere and hinder, often doing the work themselves, trying to demonstrate incompetence in others.   Driven to control, dominate, and arrange the lives of all close to them, these people thrive on keeping all those around them on edge and nervous.


    A Curse,  the root cause of cancer in women: 

       Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.   And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.       Isaiah 3:17,  24

       Isaiah 3 and 4 warns of judgment which will fall upon those resisting the establishment of God's divine order.   Rebellious women will be shamed by baldness and have their secret parts uncovered.   Could this be a reference to the epidemic proportions of female cancer and chemotherapy which often results in baldness?   In Isaiah 3:24 the prophet speaks of a stench and burning where there had been perfume.   Again, the reference is strikingly similar to some common systems of cancer.

       Isaiah 4:1-2 speaks of a time when all will repent and seek the path of scriptural submission.   In the church today God is calling for a return to Biblical submission, discipleship, and restoration.   If you have been practicing unsuspected witchcraft, dominating husband, pastor, children, friends, or prayer group, repent at once and renounce this evil in Jesus' name.   If you realize that you have been under this type of bondage for any length of time, renounce it at once, and sever the wicked cords which bind you in unscriptural servitude to the one who dominates you.

       But for those who choose not to turn from the spiritual operations of Jezebel,  "Great will be her tribulation"  (Revelation 2:22).

       The Jezebel spirit is a constant agitation, terribly aggressive, very determined, obstinate, stubborn, callus, controlling, selfish, power-hungry, manipulative, unrepentant, deceitful, overwhelming, evil, demonic spirit.   This spirit can definitely be named 'Satan's woman'.


    Victory Over Jezebel

    Elijah / Jehu Anointing's   -   Anointing of the Prophet and of the King

       Beloved, the hour has come for a new mandate.   It is rising up in the land and gaining momentum.   God is empowering His Church with a boldness and zeal brought about by true apostolic and prophetic voices.   In this hour, God desires the spirit of prophecy, which is the testimony of Jesus, to be vibrant in every church.   The prophetic spirit will reveal that which is hidden.

       Pastors are being summoned by the Lord to take on the spirit of valor and to stand up as true kings. Just as Jehu's commission was to rid God's kingdom of the defiling demoralizing influences of Ahab and Jezebel, a call is going forth today to remove those same demonic spirits from the Church.

       And he arose, and went into the house; and he poured the oil on his head, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, I have anointed thee king over the people of the Lord, even over Israel.   And thou shalt smite the house of Ahab thy master, that I may avenge the blood of my servants the prophets, and the blood of all the servants of the Lord, at the hand of Jezebel.       II Kings 9:6-7

       It is time for the prophets to unite against this spirit!   Under the anointing of Elijah, in the power of the Holy Spirit, let us arise in the indignation of Jehu, and cast Jezebel down!

       In Malachi 4:5-6, God says the hearts of the fathers (not the mothers) will be turned to the children by the 'anointing of Elijah'.   Preachers of this truth will help men everywhere to realize their responsibility to take their place as prophet and priest in the family unit, sheltering and protecting wives and children.   Women will be relieved of the strain and struggle of attempting to pull leadership loads for which God did not design them.   As men take their rightful place to love, cherish, and protect, wives will find the blessings and fulfillment which God intended for them.   In a very real sense, it behooves wives to pray for their husbands to come under proper spiritual leadership and authority.

       The wicked bondage of Jezebel spirits will be broken by the Elijah anointing.   These demonic spirits hate and fear the ministries of the Elijah, for these men have successfully resisted both the physical and spiritual seductions of Jezebel.   Because they cannot be bought by the clever pretensions and wiles of the enemy they are hated and slandered as troublemakers and disturbers . . the enemy of those they are sent to rescue (I Kings 18:17-20).   Only by the demolishing of the strongholds of Jezebel can God's rightful authority be reestablished.

       In the Old Testament, we see how God destroyed Jezebel.   Jehu, the newly crowned king of Israel, was sent by the Word of the Lord, through Elijah's successor, Elisha, to fulfill God's promise.   (II Kings 9:21-33).

       There was something in Jehu's spirit that we must possess today in our war against Jezebel.   While we must be compassionate toward those captured by Jezebel, Jehu had no mercy, no hope for reform, no compromise or sympathy whatsoever toward this demonic spirit!   Jehu  " . . trampled her under foot", while she lay bleeding and near death, he finished her beneath the feet of his horses!

       Jehu took no prisoners, and showed no mercy to Jezebel.   He had singleness of purpose and was driven by it.   As he approached Jezebel, those who saw his chariot noted, "he drives furiously" (II Kings 9:20).   When others offered peace and compromise, Jehu responded, "How can there be peace as long as the harlotry and witchcraft's of Jezebel are many?" (II Kings 9:22).   Jehu would not rest until Jezebel was dead.   Her pleasures could not attract him.   Her threats did not deter him.   He would not tolerate Jezebel.

       Jesus says, we cannot TOLERATE Jezebel (Revelation 2:20).   We must learn the prophetic power of the word 'No'.   We must give no ground.   It is time for the spirit of Jezebel to be resisted in our generation.   We cannot continue to allow her to seduce, teach, prophesy, and control the Church unchallenged.

       We must have no tolerance whatsoever for this spirit!   There can be no peace, no relaxing under our 'fig tree', until Jezebel is slain!   We must stop living for comfort as long as her harlotry and witchcraft's are so many in our land!   We must refuse to settle for a false peace based on compromise and fear, especially, when the Spirit of God is calling for 'War'!

       Every person that ever came into close contact with the spirit of Jezebel has seen an attempt to divide their relationship with those who can truly give good spiritual wisdom into their lives.   The only path of recovery from Jezebel is repentance and submission to true spiritual authority within God's local visible church.   Being teachable and submissive will bring spiritual stability into their life and allow them to fulfill their God given destiny in Christ.

       First, we must rid ourselves of Jezebel's ways.   We cannot cast out lust when we harbor lust in our lives.   We cannot bring down a spirit of control if we use manipulation and hype to control the people around us.   We must examine our own ways, and repent of Jezebel. 

       When Jezebel attempted to captivate Jehu, he did not even allow himself to be drawn into the conversation with her.   Instead, he called on her eunuchs (a type of today's men) to cast her down from the balcony.   Those with the Jehu anointing will call to Jezebel's emasculated slaves to rise up above their miserable situation, and they too will cast her down, and be set free.

       It is significant that the eunuchs cast her down.   Some of you who are reading this have been made eunuchs, slaves to Jezebel.   Today, right now, God is giving you the privilege of participating in the eternal judgment of Jezebel.   You must cast her down!   Side with God, and let the judgments of God come forth! 

       Even now, we wash ourselves in the Precious Blood of Jesus, and having been cleansed from any defilement of sin, we Bind and Plunder the strongholds of Jezebel! 


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